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General Information

School Board Meeting Schedule

Baker School District 5J Board meets in-person at the School District Office in the North Conference Room every third Tuesday of the month at 6 PM.

Changes in the normal schedule will be noted on the school district's web calendar on the homepage.

You can also attend the regular school board meeting online. Please view Zoom information on the school district's web calendar on the homepage. 

2023-24 Meeting Dates
July TBD (if needed)
August 15
September 19
October 17
November 21
December TBD (if needed)
January 16
February 20
March 5 (scheduled earlier due to renew notifications for licensed staff)
April 16
May 21
June 18


Board Members:

Chris Hawkins – Position 1 / 2027

Andrew Bryan – Position 2 / 2027

Travis Cook – Position 3 / 2025

Jessica Dougherty – Position 4 / 2025

Julie Huntington – Position 5 / 2027


Board Committees

  • Baker Web Academy - Jessica Dougherty
  • Oregon International School - Andrew Bryan & Jessica Dougherty
  • Baker Technical Institute - Julie Huntington & Chris Hawkins
  • Baker Early Learning Center - Andrew Bryan
  • Bond Projects - Travis Cook
  • Integrated Guidance - Travis Cook & Julie Huntington
  • Finance/Audit - Julie Huntington
  • OSEA & BEA Negotiations - Jessica Dougherty & Chris Hawkins
  • Safety & Security - Chris Hawkins



Each learner has a rewarding experience and receives what is needed to succeed and reach their highest potential.



Using collaborative leadership, Baker 5J schools enhance community vitality by providing cradle-tocareer opportunities across broad, integrated learning platforms for rewarding educational experiences.



  • Embrace applied, experience-based learning as a core part of curriculum to enhance critical thinking, encourage creativity, promote problem-solving, and inspire curiosity.
  • Contribute to cultural vitality and economic sustainability by partnering with a broad range of stakeholders to provide rich learning experiences for students and staff.
  • Implement an effective talent management strategy that attracts and supports an exceptional staff.
  • Maintain a transparent budget process that includes opportunities for multiple levels of input and looks for diversified revenue streams and investment.
  • Continue to invest in facilities that support quality education for students, provide a rewarding environment for staff, and serve the broader community.
  • Advocate for policies and funding that benefit the district and serve the broader community.
  • Develop students who are kind and caring life-long learners, respectful of the community and world around them, leaving school feeling confident and capable of success.